About Us

Gold Fingers unisex Salon & Spa was established in 23 august 2015 at Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka. A collision of beauty, wellness, and fashion in a 5-star setting, this exclusive collaboration featured celebrity brow specialists, who flew over across country for styling and also offered variety of new trendy beauty and wellness programs to wealthy. The delectable morning was filled with refreshments, guided styles and wellness, demonstrations with international beauty royalty, and a first look at the Jayanagar Studio.

Who We Are

“As stylists we’re ground shakers and day makers. Setting trends, while fostering that inner connection between a person’s inner and outer self.”

We also believe that another’s success doesn’t diminish your own.Ths platform is where rebellious, passionate, and driven women can come together to learn, be inspired, and grow their businesses through cross-promotion while also making time to unwind and indulge.

“At our core, we’ve always been a wanderer and a wonderer with a free spirit and big ideas. We also love business and have had a long career in Recruitment spanning from even organizers to hospitality to corporate life. Wanting to do our own thing in our own way meant that we wasn’t always compatible with the rules and procedures of the standard workplace, which is why we’ve always aimed to work independently.

One of the things we’ve discovered throughout our 5+ years of hard work and hustle is that you can’t be good at everything (unless you’re invincible). You can be an extraordinary stylist but not have a head for numbers. Or you might be a wellness guru but not have a clue about savvy branding and marketing.

The most successful entrepreneurs around the world always have one thing in common: they’re not doing it alone. They’ve formed a dream team to provide 360° coverage of the business so they can keep channeling their energy and talent into doing what they do best.

We entrepreneurs need to rev up our strengths while connecting with the right people who can help us establish a sustainable business. On top of that, we need to create mutually beneficial situations in a community of likeminded entrepreneurs where we can share our goods or services, network, and pay it forward.

Gold Fingers unisex Salon and Spa is the catalyst for emerging entrepreneurs, youngsters and corporate clients who want to make magic happen by building a life doing what they love.

But it’s also important to have a healthy work-life balance. We know us always in need of some downtime to unwind and recharge, which is why we’re just as focused on our luxury lifestyle reviews. Every hardworking men, woman and entrepreneur deserves to indulge in themselves.


Our mission is to not only inspire you to live a life you love, but to also help you grow your business and make it thrive.

GFUSS Values

  • Collaboration: we believe in paying it forward and are centered around working with and supporting other individuals, brands, and businesses in mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Authenticity: we are real people behind GFUSS and we’re committed to only deliver appropriate services and styles what we personally love and connect with.
  • Diversity: our hearts and minds are global, having traveled from one end of the country to the other, and we know that it’s our differences that bring us together.
  • Independence: we prefer and recognize the need for free thinking, playing with ideas, and breaking the rules.
  • Determination: we strive for progress every day and have an unrivaled determination to succeed, not just for ourselves but for our audience, clients, and partners.